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Botanical Name Common Name Description Sun Exposure Height x Width Bloom Color Bloom Time
Acer griseum x nikoense 'Ginzam' Paperbark Maple A vigorous, upright grower with attractive, exfoliating bark and brilliant orange-red fall color. Full Sun 20-25'h x 10-15'w
Acer platanoides 'Royal Red' Norway Maple Similar to A. 'Crimson King', but with a somewhat slower growth rate and what some consider slightly better color. A dense shade tree, it has a straight trunk with a well shaped head. The glossy foliage is an excellent maroon-red color all season. Medium grower, 10 to 12' in 5 to 8 years, 30' in 20 years. Full Sun 35-40' h x 25' w
Acer r. 'Brandywine' Red Maple ‘Brandywine' is a male selection (seedless) that typically grows to 25' tall over the first 12 years, eventually maturing over time to 35-50' tall. Fall color is a brilliant scarlet that gradually turns reddish-purple. Full Sun 35-50' h x 25-40' w
Acer r. 'October Glory' Red Maple This red maple is most impressive for its intense crimson fall color, ever under less than perfect circumstances. The color lasts much longer than other red maples. The wings of the samaras display an attractive red tint. Full Sun 50-60' h x 35'w
Acer r. 'Red Sunset' Red Maple An outstanding Red Maple retaining its brilliant red autumn color longer than most other varieties. Upright dense branching habit makes this an excellent street and lawn tree. Large deciduous tree has pyramidal form when young becoming rounded with age. Glossy green leaves turn brilliant orange-scarlet, extremely showy. Medium to fast grower; 10 to 12' in 5 to 7 years. Full Sun 50' h x 30-40' w
Acer r. 'Scarlet Jewel' Red Maple A full, upright Maple that turns a consistent deep crimson each fall, a full two weeks earlier than other Acer rubrum's. A brilliant show of red flowers each spring adds to the allure. Excellent, symmetrical branching and resistance to frost cracking. Prefers moist, slightly acidic soil. Full Sun 70' h x 30' w
Acer s. 'Appollo' Sugar Maple A fantastic semi-dwarf sugar maple with a narrow upright form and a strong straight trunk. 'Apollo' will only grow about half the size of typical sugar maples. Fall color is a mix of orange and gold. Excellent street tree or for smal gardens. Full Sun 25' h x 10' w
Acer s. 'Fall Fiesta' Sugar Maple A rapid growing, Maple with a wonderful symmetrical branching habit. Resistant to sun and frost cracks, and the leathery foliage is resistant to leaf tatter and leaf hoppers. Absolutely beautiful orange and red fall color, better than other Sugar Maples. Full Sun 50-75' h x 50' w
Acer t. 'Hot Wings' Tartarian Maple Hot Wings Maple has dark green foliage throughout the season. The lobed leaves turn an outstanding scarlet in the fall. The flowers are not ornamentally significant. It features abundant showy cherry red samaras in late summer. The rough gray bark is not particularly outstanding. Full Sun 20' h x 17' w
Acer x. f. 'Autumn Blaze' Freeman Maple Hybrid of Silver and Red Maple with ascending branches, rapid growth, drought tolerance and ability to grow in most areas. Beautiful fall color and form. Medium to fast grower; 10 to 12' in to 7 years. Full Sun 50-60' h x 40' w
Acer x. f. 'Firefall' Freeman Maple Firefall' has an upright-oval form with good branch angles. This selection is a male and therefore does not produce nuisance seeds. The foliage is an attractive medium green throughout the summer. Fall color is bright orange to scarlet and develops fairly early. Full Sun 40-60' h x 30-40' w
Betula nigra River Birch Attractive buff colored peeling bark is a wonderful backdrop for the yellow fall foliage color. This tree is an impressive specimen, commonly found with several trunks. A medium to fast grower, this birch transplants well and its best adapted to moist areas. It will tolerate drier soil but probably will not reach its maximum development. Full Sun 40-70' h x 40-60'
Betula n. 'Heritage' River Birch This vigorous grower has exfoliating bark that is lighter than river birch, ranging from tan to creamy white to parchment white. While it tolerates wet, poorly drained soils, it does well in upland soils , and is resistant to bronze birch borer. Full Sun 45-50' h x 30-35' w
Betula n. 'Fox Valley' River Birch A unique dwarf selection of a popular landscape tree. Refreshing, bright green foliage turns golden-yellow in fall. Colorful exfoliating patterns of bark in salmon and cinnamon-red become evident at a young age. Useful as a specimen when space is limited, in low-maintenance landscapes or as a screen. Excellent resistance to bronze birch borer. Full Sun 8-10'h x 8-12'w
Betula p. 'Parkland Pillar' White Birch
Ginko biloba 'Autumn Gold' Ginko This superb selection is a fruitless male strain. Unique fan-shaped green foliage turns brilliant golden yellow in fall. Symmetrical branching creates an exceptional upright landscape accent, eventually becoming a handsome shade tree with age. Deciduous. Full Sun 35-50' h x 35-50' w
Gleditsia t. v. i. 'Sunburst' Honeylocust An attractive decidious tree with a vase shaped canopy with bright yellow young pendulous leaves that ripen to a lime green colour. It is a popular tree beacause of its vibrant colour and soft weeping foliage. Has large black seedpods that hang from the branches in winter Full Sun 40' h x 15-20' w
Liriodendron tulipifera Tuliptree Beautiful, large, garden tree having unique bluish-green leaves; gives spectacular show of yellow fall color. In warm season, displays handsome, tulip- shaped greenish-yellow and orange flowers. Fast grower. Full Sun 50' h x 30' w Mix June
Metasequoia glyptostroboides Dawn Redwood This beautiful deciduous conifer has a pyramidal to conical habit and fine feathery foliage. Full Sun 70-100' h x 25-40' w
Platanus x. a. 'Exclamation' London Planetree (Morton Circle London Planetree)Selected for its uniform, upright pyramidal habit and attractive foliage; densely branched with a moderate growth rate; beautiful white and brown mottled bark; best in larger landscapes; very resistant to frost cracking and disease Full Sun 60' h x 30' w
Populus tremuloides Quaking Aspen Bark greenish to white. Leaves small and move in the slightest breeze. Indifference to soil conditions. Can be found in moist, shallow, rocky or clay soils. Excellent for naturalizing. Full Sun 60-80' h x 30' w
Quercus rubra Red Oak The fastest growing Oak and one of the easiest to transplant, this tree is great for street use or as a landscape tree. The foliage is dense and lustrous and leaves hang on the tree into winter. Full Sun 60-80' h x 50' w
Quercus x. b. 'Prarie Stature' Hybrid Oak An outstanding tree in the landscape featuring emerald-green, semi-glossy, leathery foliage with reddish coloration in autumn. Quite dense, pyramidal form. Hybrid of English Oak and White Oak. Full Sun 30-40' h x 25-30' w
Tillia a. 'McKSentry' American Sentry Linden This tree has uniform branching and an upright narrow form. This is a great tree for use in landscape for boulevards and smaller yards where space is at a premium, but shade is required. The distinctive bark is silvery gray especially when the plant is immature and is very attractive. Resistant to Japanese Beetle. Full Sun 40' h x 25-30' w
Ulmus 'Triumph' Elm A new hybrid elm from the Chicagoland Grows program that combines the attractive vase-shaped form of the popular Accolade elm with the toughness and disease and insect resistance of Vanguard; a large shade tree with symmetrical form and glossy leaves Full Sun 50' h x 40 'w