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Botanical Name Common Name Description Sun Exposure Height x Width Bloom Color Bloom Time
Acer p. 'Kagiri Nishiki' Japanese Maple A unique and interesting Japanese maple with pink and white irregular margins on light green leaves. Pink tones on the foliage become more pronounced in fall. A fine, slow growing, small, vase-shaped tree for courtyards and Asian-themed gardens. An ideal size for a container specimen. Part Shade 8'h x 4'w
Acer p. 'Red Emperor' Japanese Maple Red Emperor' sets a new standard for red-leaf Japanese maples. The new growth is deep purple-red and it holds that color exceptionally well throughout the summer. Fall foliage turns a rich crimson. It leafs out about two weeks later than other Japanese maples giving it the benefit of less spring frost damage. Graceful form and brilliant color, works well as a focal point in the urban landscape. Part Shade 15-18'h x 12-15'w
Acer p. 'Skeeter's Broom' Japanese Maple Skeeter's Broom' _ 'Skeeter's Broom' is a compact, upright, multi-stemmed, deciduous tree or shrub with deeply divided, palmately lobed foliage that is red in spring and red-maroon in summer and ruby red in autumn. Part Shade 4-6'h x4-6'w
Acer p. v. d. 'Emerald Lace' Japanese Maple Emerald Lace is our favorite green Acer palmatum with finely dissected leaves. Leaves emerge in spring bright green with red petioles which remain red throughout the season. Fall colors run through yellow to orange and finish up with firey red. Hardy and vigorous. Typical cascading habit. Sun/ part shade. Part Shade 10-13'h x 10-13'w
Acer p. v. d. 'Crimson Queen' Japanese Maple Truly outstanding in foliage and form. Young leaves are finely cut and of the darkest purple-red, and maintain that color throughout the summer. Autumn brings clear reddish purple foliage color. The form is wider than taller, weeping and cascading. Part Shade 8-10' h x 10-12' w
Acer p.v. d. 'Tamukeyama' Japanese Maple A small weeping/cascading tree with multi-dissected, deep-crimson leaves. Leaves are not deeply cut as other dissectum varieties giving it a bolder, more robust appearance. Autumn brings fiery scarlet tones. Plant as a focal point in the garden. Cascading effect is especially lovely on ponds edge. Part Shade 6-8' h x 8-12' w
Acer pseudosieboldianu Korean Maple This small tree or shrub grows 12-18" per year. The green leaves turn shades of red, yellow, and orange in fall; some leaves persist through winter. Flowers are white with purple bracts. The bark is this and easily damaged. Part Shade 15-25' h x 15-25' w Purple April
Amelanchier x. g. 'Autumn Brilliance' Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry Heavy stems are covered with white blossoms in early spring, followed by dark green foliage. Leaves turn brilliant red in fall and remain on the tree for an extended period of time. Moderate, spreading branches combined with light-gray bark add interest to the landscape throughout the year. Medium grower; 10' in 8 years. Full Sun to Part Shade 20-25' h x 15-20' w White April
Cercis canadensis Eastern Redbud Blooms are reddish-purple to rosy-pink in spring. Regular watering and fertilization is very important--especially until it is established. Flowers appear on bare branches bridging the gap between winter and spring. Medium grower, 7-10' in 5-6 years. Full Sun to Part Shade 20-30' h x 25-30' w Red April-May
Cercis 'Ruby Falls' Ruby Fall's Redbud In spring, profuse white blooms appear before foliage. Dark blue fruit follows later in the summer. Tolerant of city conditions, including pollution, it prefers deep, moist, fertile, acidic soils. Full Sun to Part Shade 6' h x 4' w White April-May
Cladrastis kentuckia Yellowwood Pinnately compound leaves open as yellowish green, turn bright green in summer and then turn yellow in fall. Intensely fragrant, wisteria-like flowers will cover a mature tree in late spring. Profuse bloom may occur only once every 2 or 3 years however. Flowers give way to flat seed pods that mature in September-October. Full Sun 30-50' h x 40-55' w White May
Cornus alternifolia Pagoda Dogwood Small, fragrant, yellowish-white flowers bloom in late spring . Flowers give way to bluish-black fruits on red stalks. Fruits mature in late summer. Elliptic-ovate, medium green leaves turn reddish-purple often tinted yellow or green in fall. Full Sun to Part Shade 15-25' h x 20-30' w White May-June
Cornus k. 'Satomi' Pink Japanese Dogwood Attractive horizontal tiers of branches help make this small tree popular. Splendid pink to red bracts followed in fall by hanging red fruit. Autumn leaves have purple-red tints. A slow grower, possibly medium in early stages of growth. Full Sun to Part Shade 20' h x 15' w Pink June
Cornus k. 'Venus' Venus Dogwood The shamrock-shaped blooms are 6" wide and symmetrical, with 4 huge petals surrounding a tiny green center. Full Sun to Part Shade 15-18' h x 18-22' w White June
Fagus 'Roseomarginata' Tricolor European Beech One of the most beautiful beech cultivars, whose purple leaves feature an irregular rose and pinkish white border. 'Tricolor' will benefit from some shade as the pink and white border can become scorched in hot, dry weather. Full Sun to Part Shade 25-30' h x 15-20' w
Hibiscus s. 'French Caberet' Hibiscus Tree French Cabaret™ Blush in tree form is a knockout standard with sterile doubles from French breeder Corinne Liquiere at Minier Nursery in France. Dark pink flower buds open to a delicate blush pink with shades of white. Large, double, pompom flowers bloom profusely from July to October. Heat tolerant, drought tolerant and adapted to alkaline soils. Full Sun 5-8'h x 4-7'w Lt. Pink June-September
Hibiscus s. 'Hawaii' Hibiscus Tree Tree form is perfect for small landscapes or as a specimen plant. Large, showy blossoms are a lovely blue color accentuated with a red-purple heart, blooming from July-September. Bred by Minier Nursery in France. Full Sun 5-8'h x 4-7'w Blue June-September
Hibiscus s. 'Tahiti' Hibiscus Tree The tree form of Tahiti™ Hibiscus is perfect for small landscapes or as a specimen plant. Its gorgeous semi-double blooms will give you a feeling of the tropics from July - October. Deep pink-purple flowers are accentuated with a deep red center. Full Sun 5-8' h x 4-7' w Pink June-September
Hydrangea p. 'Limelight' Limelight Hydrangea Tree Perfect for smaller gardens. Makes a great vertical accent in borders and decorative containers. Bright, lime-green flowers add a much needed brightness to the late summer landscape. In autumn the blooms display shades of pink, burgundy and green. Flowers on new wood. Full Sun to Part Shade 8' h x8-10' w Lime July-August
Hydrangea p. 'Quickfire' Quickfire Hydrangea Tree Perfect for smaller gardens. Makes a great vertical accent in borders and decorative containers. Quick to bloom, a month earlier than other varieties. Flower buds start white and turn deep pink. Full Sun to Part Shade 6-8' h x 6-8' w Reddish May-August
Hydrangea p. 'Vanilla Strawberry' Vanilla Strawberry Hydrangea Tree Foliage is upright with showy flowers which bloom on new growth from mid-summer to fall. Flowers open white, change to pink and finally mature to pinkish-red, with multicolored flowering occurring in late summer as new flowering stems emerge to join mature flowers. Full Sun to Part Shade 6-8' hx 4-5' w Pink July-August
Magnolia 'Butterflies' Butterflies Magnolia Abundant 4-5" yellow, double flowers bloom look spectacular in the spring garden. Blossoms are held upright like butterflies alighting on a branch. Blooms appear in late spring which help to protect them from frosts in cool-spring climates. Pollution tolerant. Full Sun 15-18' h x 8-10' w Yellow April-May
Magnolia s. 'Centennial Blush' Centennial Blush Magnolia Pink buds open to incredibly full and wonderfully fragrant pale pink flowers in spring on this beautiful magnolia. Centennial Blush is a prolific bloomer with flower buds formed at almost every node yielding a fantastic floral display of delicate pink covering the entire plant. Attractive medium green foliage on an interesting branching structure follows in the summer turning yellow to bronze in autumn. Full Sun 12-18' h x 10-15' w Pink April-May
Magnolia s. 'Royal Star' Royal Star Magnolia Double, 3" white fragrant flowers bloom in spring. Try to avoid southern exposures since the buds will tend to open fastest in this location. Cold weather could cause the blooms to freeze. Good specimen or accent plant against a brick wall. Slow growing, 3-6' over 5-6 year period. Full Sun 8-10' h x 8-10' w White April-May
Magnolia viriniana 'Northern Belle' Northern Sweetbay Magnolia Northern Belle' Sweetbay Magnolia has larger than normal, fragrant, creamy white flowers that appear in June and July. Excellent cold tolerance makes 'Northern Belle' an exceptional Sweetbay Magnolia. Attractive red fruit has orange seeds in fall. Full Sun to Part Shade 25' h x 15' w White June-July
Magnolia x. 'Ann' Ann Magnolia The red-purple flowers are 4" in diameter and bloom in early spring. Compact mounded form with dark green foliage. Full Sun 8-10' h x 8-10' w Pink April-May
Magnolia x loebneri 'Leonard Messel' Leonard Messel Magnolia Handsome deciduous shrub having a multi-stemmed habit and beautiful two-toned flowers at an early age. The strap-like petals are similar to Star Magnolia. Use for single specimen and accent plant. Full Sun 10-15' h x 12' w Purple April
Malus 'Camelot' Camelot Crabapple This dwarf tree is noted for its rounded form, white flowers, red fruit and good disease resistance. Thick, leathery, dark green leaves emerge in spring with a burgundy tinge. Red buds open in spring to white flowers with pink tinges on the petals. Flowers are followed crabapples that age to burgundy red. Crabapples mature in fall and may persist into winter. Birds are attracted to the fruit. Fruit may be harvested for jellies. Full Sun 8-10' h x 6-8' w White April
Malus 'Gladiator' Gladiator Crabapple Gladiator™ is an excellent ornamental tree with a profusion of bright pink flowers followed by small reddish-purple fruit on a stately, upright crown. Glossy bronze-purple leaves look lush all growing season long and have high disease resistance. Gladiator is an ideal ornamental tree for space-challenged sites including under power lines, as a small boulevard tree or planted in a row for a screen. Full Sun 20' h x 9' w Pink May
Malus 'Prairiefire' Prairiefire Crabapple The true red blooms are later than most crabapples; good foliage retention during the summer. The fruit does not drop; glossy, dark-red bark has numerous prominent lenticels; disease resistant. Upright, spreading becoming rounded habit. Full Sun 20' h x 20' w Red May-June
Malus 'Profusion' Profusion Crabapple This small crabapple is noted for its abundant pink centered purplish-red flowers with bronze-green foliage. Excellent disease resistance. Full Sun 15-20' h x 30' w Purple May
Malus 'Royal Rain Drops' Royal Raindrops Crabapple An upright-spreading , disease-resistant, easy-to-grow, crabapple tree that features deeply lobed purple foliage which retains excellent color throughout summer. Magenta-pink single flowers in spring develop into tiny maroon-red crabapples that mature in late summer and excellent orange-red fall color. Full Sun 15-20'h x 12-16'w Pink May
Malus 'Spring Snow' Spring Snow Crabapple One of the most showy white flowering crabapples with very abundant blooms that are slightly larger than other crabapple blooms. Does not produce fruit, which makes this a great landscape tree. Full Sun 25-30' h x 15-20' w White May
Prunus maackii 'Goldspur' Amur Chokecherry This small tree produces white flowers and black fruit. The outstanding exfoliating bark is golden brown to dark red with a glistening metallic color for excellent winter effect and landscape interest. Good wildlife plant. Full Sun 20-30'h x 25-30'w White May
Prunus s. 'Spring Wonder' Sargent Cherry This upright vase-shaped tree is a native to Japan and flowers in early May with single pink flowers. The bark is a polished, reddish brown. New growth is purplish while the summer foliage a shiny dark green. Full Sun 20-25'h x 18-24'w Pink May
Prunus s. ' Pendula Plena Rosa' Double Weeping Cherry This floriferous, early flowering cherry from Japan has finely textured leaves, graceful pendulous branches, and double pink flowers. Note: Weeping Higan cherry's tops are bagged and tied before shipment to prevent breakage during shipment. This cultivar is grafted on a 3' or 5' standard. Full Sun 12-15'h x 10-12'w Pink May
Prunus v. 'Canada Red' Canada Red Chokecherry New leaves emerge green and turn purple as they mature. Small white flowers in hanging clusters 3-5" long are produced in late spring. Edible fruits are small, reddish-purple and are relished by birds. Full Sun 15-20' h x 15' w White May
Prunus x 'Snow Fountains' Snow Fountains Cherry Weeping branches are covered in spring with a fountain of snow-white flowers, made even more dramatic in contrast to the stunning mahogany-red bark of its grafted Tibetan cherry trunk. A beautiful and hardy small garden specimen tree. Full Sun 12-15' h x 15-20' w White May
Prunus x 'Sucker Punch' Sucker Punch Chokecherry Unlike most chokecherries, Sucker Punch® is a selection that doesn’t sucker, making it desirable for use in many landscape setting where a tidy ornamental tree is needed. Its leaves emerge green in spring and then turn a deep, reddish-purple. Lovely clusters of white blossoms in spring combined with dark fruit that attracts all kinds of songbirds later in summer lend to its season-long appeal. Full Sun 20-30' h x 18-20' w
Pyrus c. 'Autumn Blaze' Autumn Blaze Flowering Pear This tree has horizontal, symmetrical, open shape-different from other ornamental pear trees. It has glossy green foliage, white blooms and outstanding crimson-red fall color. Fast growing, 12 to 15' over 8-10 years. Full Sun 35' h x 20' w White April-May
Pyrus c. 'Cleveland Select' Cleveland Select Flowering Pear More blooms the any other flowering pear. Evenly branched limbs with pyramidal form and superior branch structure that withstands ice and wind storm. Fruitless and tolerates urban conditions and heavy clay soils. Full Sun 20-30' h x 20' w White April-May
Pyrus c. 'Chanticleer' Chanticleer Flowering Pear This is one of the hardier calleryana pears. An ideal street tree, it flowers a bit later and blooms better than 'Bradford'. Fall color is nice red-purple. Full Sun 25-30' h x 15' w White April-May
Pyrus fauriei Korean Sun Pear This small ornamental pear is compact, has a dense growth habit and hardy disposition. It is a good tree for hedging, screening and used as a barrier. A good tree to have in small to medium- sized gardens. Has a glossy green foilage to tolerate heat. It changes to bright tones of red and orange in autumn, it also breaks bud quite early in spring. Full Sun to Part Shade 12'h x 15'w White April-May
Syringa m. 'Palibin' Dwarf Korean Lilac Tree Excellent rounded uniform habit. Reddish-purple buds open to single pink, fragrant flowers. Profuse bloomer at an early age. Full Sun 4-8' h x 5-6' w Pink May
Syringa r. 'Bailance' Snowdance Japanese Tree Lilac The annually flowering tree lilac has an abundance of large, fragrant panicles of creamy white. The sterile variety produced no untidy, brown seedheads. Lustrous, dark green foliage is slightly larger and darker than the species. Full Sun 18' h x 20' w White June
Syringa r. 'Ivory Silk' Ivory Silk Lilac This Sheridan Nursery selection has a sturdy, more compact, oval growth habit than Japanese tree lilac. A most attractive small flowering tree with cherry-like bark, it bears large creamy white flower clusters in early July. Full Sun 25'h x 15'w White June