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Botanical Name Common Name Description Sun Exposure Height x Width
Colonade Maypole An exciting new columnar type of tree that grows straight up with many narrow side branches. The fruit is borne on branches as well as the main leader. The incredibly unique form will allow those with the smallest of yards with just two square feet of space. Mainly a cooking apple, the fruit makes delicious jam and jelly. Maypole has attractive deep pink flowers in spring that make way to red crabapple fruits in early to mid-September. Full Sun 8-10' h x 2' w
Snow Sweet Another example of the University of Minnesota's expertise in the development of cold hardy apple varieties. A cross between 'Sharon' and 'Connell Red', SnowSweet® has a deliciously sweet, slightly tart taste. Slow to oxidize when exposed to air. 'Honeycrisp' is a good pollinator. Above average resistance to scab and fire blight. Full Sun 12-16'h x 10-14'w
Triple Play Mid Three mid-season blooming apple trees in one container to form a clump. Enjoy 'Honeycrisp', 'Sweet 16' and 'Cortland' for eating or cooking. No pollinator needed. Full Sun 20' h x 15' w
Triple Play Late Three late-season blooming apple trees in one container to form a clump. Enjoy 'Fireside', 'Haralred' and 'Honeygold' for eating and cooking. No pollinator needed. Full Sun 20' h x 15' w
Martha Washington A very strong growing and productive variety. Asparagus 'Martha Washington' produces long, thick spears in May and early June that are delicious eaten fresh from the garden and are also suitable for freezing. Full Sun
BrazelBerries Blueberry Glaze Blueberry A new compact, boxwood-like variety with nutrient-rich bundles of berries! White with pink bell-shaped flowers produce an abundant summer crop of small, dark fruit with an intense wild blueberry flavor. A superb garden accent or clipped hedge. Perfect on the patio in decorative containers. Full Sun
BrazelBerries Jelly Bean Blueberry This new cold-hardy little gem produces bumper crops of large, delicious berries in mid-summer, with super sweet flavor like homemade blueberry jelly. Rich green foliage is often tinted with radiant red along the edges and tips of its uniquely elongated leaves. Exceptional compact form makes a great low hedge or feature plant for patio containers. Full Sun
BrazelBerries Peach Sorbet Blueberry Award winning compact blueberry is a four-season showstopper! White bell-shaped flowers produce a bounty of delicious, sweet blueberries. Colorful leaves range from emerald green to peachy pink and orange. Evergreen in most climates, with rich eggplant purple winter foliage. An outstanding choice for landscape or patio. Full Sun
Pink Lemonade Blueberry A new pink blueberry provides year-around interest. Pinkish-white, bell shaped blooms in spring followed by pale green fruit that turns deep pink for harvest. Glossy and firm, the fruit has a mild, sweet flavor. In fall the leaves turn orange fading to deep red, dropping to reveal reddish-brown stems. Full Sun
Summercrisp Blooms in May. The fruit should be harvested in mid-August when crisp and still green with a red blush. Fruit harvested at that time is sweet and crisp, and may be stored up to 2 months. Use either 'Parker' or 'Patten' as pollinator. Full Sun 25' h x 20' w