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Aquatic Plants

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Botanical Name Common Name Description Sun Exposure Height x Width Bloom Color Bloom Time Price
Acorus c. 'Variegatus' Sweet Flag Acorus calamus commonly called sweet flag is a deciduous, spreading, marginal aquatic perennial that features iris-like, sword-shaped leaf blades (to 3/4” wide) typically growing in basal clumps to 30” tall. It is a sterile triploid. Full Sun to Part Shade 2'h x 2'w $6.95
Asclepias i. 'Soul Mate' Butterfly Weed Soulmate' Swamp Milkweed is an essential North American native that provides vital food for developing Monarch butterflies. Cherry pink flowers with white centers emanate a sweet vanilla fragrance that calls in countless other pollinators. Full Sun 2-3'h x 2-3'w Pink June-August $6.95
Asclepias tuberosa Butterfly Weed A punch of intense tangerine orange invites droves of butterflies. A butterfly host plant for Monarchs in particular; butterflies also cherish its lavish flower clusters filled with scrumptious nectar. Green seed pods open to glistening silky parachutes that float with the breeze to a new location. Full Sun 18-24"h x 18-24"w Orange June-August $6.95
Colocasia esculenta Elephant Ear This striking plant has wide green leaves that resemble an elephant's ear. Full Sun to Part Shade 3-5'h $19.95
Colocasia e. 'Black Magic' Elephant Ear Incredible dusty purple-black foliage that resembles an elephant's ear. Full Sun to Part Shade 3-4'h $19.95
Colocasia e. 'Illustis' Elephant Ear Leaves have a dramatic green venation, which highlights its black background, loves wet conditions Full Sun to Part Shade 3-5'h $9.95
Colocasia e. 'Mojito' Elephant Ear Named for the Cuban mixed drink, a splashy mix of greens, purples and black all on the same leaf. Full Sun to Part Shade 2-3'h $11.95
Lobelia siphilitica Blue Cardinal Flower Covered in deep blue flowers in late summer and early fall, Great Blue Lobelia can form colonies of flowered spikes in medium to wet soils, especially with a little shade. Longer lived than the Cardinal Flower, it also attracts hummingbirds. Full Sun to Part Shade 1-3'h Blue July-September $9.95
Nyphaea 'Alaskan' Hardy Water Lily ‘Alaskan’ features showy white flowers. Floating, nearly round leaves are notched to the center. This variety is suitable for ponds, lakes, and slow-moving streams Full Sun White $26.95
Nyphaea 'Almost Black' Hardy Water Lily Almost Black hardy water lily has very dark red peony shaped blooms and is nearly black at the flowers center. This striking water lily is very free flowering and has a slight fragrance. Lily pad leaves are a dark green. A good choice for medium to large ponds. Full Sun Dk. Pink $26.95
Nyphaea 'Attraction' Hardy Water Lily Nymphaea ‘Attraction’ is an outstanding Marliac hybrid with flowers that have a deep garnet center and lighter outer petals with white striped sepals. It had cup shaped and the stellate flowers with 26 to 28 petals. The pads are green and sometimes start out a bronze color that changes to green. Full Sun Pink $26.95
Nyphaea 'Joey Tomocik' Hardy Water Lily This yellow hardy water lily has the some of the deepest yellow blooms of all the yellow lilies. Joey Tomocik produces many flowers over its long blooming season. Leaves are speckled and flowers remain open later in the day. Full Sun Yellow $26.95
Nyphaea 'Wanvisa' Hardy Water Lily It is a rich autumn colored flower that is a strong orange-pink with stable yellowish speckles on the petals. It has rich brown pads also with speckles on them. Full Sun Multi $21.95
Pontederia cordata Pickerel Weed Glossy, narrow, arrowhead-shaped green leaves (to 10” long) have rounded cordate bases and rise well above the water surface. Tiny, tubular soft blue flowers are densely packed into erect, 3-6” long spikes atop flower stalks typically rising 1-2’ above the water surface. Plants flower freely from June to October. Full Sun 2-4'h x 2'w Blue June-October $6.95